About us

Stafford Foods is a division of Stafford Development, comprised of two core companies: Stafford Foods Management, LLC and SW Pizza, LLC. Stafford Foods owns and operates five stand-alone Wendy's Restaurant franchises and two PeachCreek combination stores, featuring Shell Fuel and Wendy's Restaurants in Southern Georgia.The Stafford Foods Division is dedicated to delivering top quality products and committed to EXTRAordinary customer service.

Who are we ?

Stafford Foods Management and SW Pizza, LLC are subsidiaries of Stafford Development. A company operating in four core businesses: real estate, hospitality, foods and healthcare services. Visit Website.

Meet Our Team

  • Jennifer Scarberry
    Jennifer Scarberry Stafford Foods Mgt - Chief Operating Officer

    Jennifer knows "where the beef" is at Stafford Foods Mgt, and ensures everday operations go top notch.

  • Jocelyn Clements
    Jocelyn Clements Stafford Foods Mgt - Accounting Director

    Jocelyn knows all about the finances for both divisions and makes sure all is in order financially.

  • Nigel Isherwood
    Nigel Isherwood Stafford Foods - VP of Service Excellence and Quality Control

    When it comes to quality and service, Nigel is here to make sure we acheive excellence.

  • Kelly Passmore Human Resources Director

    For employment or benefit information Kelly is your gal. She handles our human resources department.

  • Sherri Moore
    Sherri Moore Stafford Foods Mgt - Bookkeeping / Accounts Payable

    Sherri keeps the books in check and pays the bills for Stafford Foods Mgt. We'd be in the "dark" without her.

  • Kip Duckworth Stafford Foods Mgt- Payroll

    Kip makes sure all of our employees get paid for their hard work. She's also Kelly's right-hand woman.

  • Gloria Goins Stafford Foods Mgt / Wendy's - District Manager

    Gloria goes from Wendy's to Wendy's , ensuring our customers get the quality and service they deserve.

  • Felicia Moorman Stafford Foods Mgt / PeachCreek 2 - Store Manager

    Felicia keeps things cool and under control at our PeachCreek location on 20th St.

  • Joey Hancock Stafford Foods Mgt/ Maintenance

    Joey keeps things running smooth and optimal at all of our Wendy's and PeachCreek locations.

  • Steve Houston Stafford Foods Mgt / Maintenance

    Steve is Joey's right hand man, helping to make sure things running smooth and optimal.

Our Commitment is to Extraordinary Customer Service.

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